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Nothing To See Here

August 5, 2013

No pictures tonight…not that anyone will miss the bad iPhone pictures that will be the norm.

Dinner was leftover BBQ from various gatherings this weekend. Green salad with those amazing tomatoes from our CSA, beans and some funky yellow watermelon that was very yummy. Dessert will be leftover homemade vanilla ice cream from last shift…the 1st shift guys didn’t discover it or they’d have finished it for us.

We had some company for dinner. An off duty firefighter and his son joined us prior to leaving on a trip to ride dirt bikes in Oklahoma. Fun to hear them banter and see how excited the son was for the trip.

Signing off…


Dinner Friday August 8, 2013

August 3, 2013

I’m having so much fun cooking at the station right now and I thought maybe I could resurrect this old blog and share our meals.

My interest in sustainable eating, organic, local, GMO free, etc…continues to grow. We’ve signed up for a CSA run by a lady farmer who farms not far from our station. It’s hard to get more local than that. This summer we have had some of the best tomatoes, squash, cucumbers…oh…the cucumbers! Watermelon, peaches, potatoes and fresh eggs…oh my!

My sad little garden has been…well, sad. Spider mites and some critter have kept the tomatoes from doing much, squash and zucchini grows like weeds but after about the third one…I’m good. The cucumber beetles got the cucumbers. And the peppers are tall and beautiful…but without many peppers. On the positive side the strawberries and asparagus look great so hopefully next year we can enjoy those. I am a food gardener work in progress.

Tonight we used some of the CSA peppers and onions along with some grass fed beef that I had frozen in some marinade. Along with fresh flour tortillas from the market, organic cheese and sour cream, the fajita feast was amazing. I also used some cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and cilantro to make a sour cream based salsa…yummo.

For dessert we had fresh homemade vanilla ice cream (preservative free, no GMOs) and some leftover peach cobbler from last shift.

The guys are great because they also love to eat and will eat, fresh, healthy and interesting…unusual for fire guys.

I’m going to try to photograph our creations but please understand…I AM NOT a food photographer. Nor could I even play one on tv.




May 2, 2013

May 3, 2013


2013 52

February 15, 2013

I am participating in a 52 week photo challenge. It’s a closed group, which I kinda like…everyone is connected somehow and we are all sharing our images…while I cannot give you access to those taken by others I would like to share the ones I’m posting…so here are my submissions so far…and stay tuned for what I come up with next.

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl

A prayer before the game

A prayer before the game

Mama's home

Mama’s home

Birthday Girl watching her guests arrive

Birthday Girl watching her guests arrive

My boy enjoying the last of the smow

My boy enjoying the last of the smow

Monday morning at the station

Monday morning at the station





A string of lights turned on in early December...still shining

A string of lights turned on in early December…still shining

DPP Day 11 (and day 10 because I’m totally lame)

December 12, 2012

Yup…it’s all dogs and fire students…all the time.

This is truly our favorite place. The kiddos and I go several times a week…Okay so two of these were taken in our backyard…but the rest are at our lake on the trails…a magical place if you’re a dog or someone who loves to watch dogs run.

Henry rolled, and rolled some more and then he went to the groomer for a bath and now he smells like sugar cookies.Image Image






DPP Day 9

December 10, 2012

So, it looks like I’ve missed a few days but check out my facebook page to catch up…search for Jenn’s December Photo Project on Facebook pages and you can see not just my December days but those of a really cool assortment of friends.

The last few days our friend (and I say our because Macy is enjoying some serious Kati time)…our friend Kati has been here from Denver. We have gathered with college friends, hosted her nephew, spent the evening in Lawrence, watched movies and eaten a bunch of yummy food…and had, perhaps, a few beverages. One more dinner tonight with the college rowing gang and then Kati will fly back to Denver and I will settle in for the last week of classes.

December moves too fast.Image

Day 4

December 5, 2012

Driving home from class just now I realized I had not posted my picture yet…and as I turned onto my block, my neighbors on both sides have lights up as do some neighbors down the street…I guess now it really is Christmas.